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More Efficient
Airfoil Fans for
Commercial and
Light Industrial
Design 10A fans are built under Chicago Blower’s strict “Industrial Quality”
standards, the same standards as those used on Chicago’s custom engi-
neered fans, to assure exceptional performance and reliability. Design 10A
airfoil fans feature rugged heavy gauge housings and continuously welded
scrolls. Frommaterial inspection to plasma cutting to assembly, every step
is governed by stringent quality procedures.
Fourteen Sizes to 80"
Volumes to 284,000 CFM
Pressures to 13"WG
Arrangements 1, 3, 9
Construction Classes I, II, III
Single and DoubleWidth
Chicago Blower representatives are
located throughout North America
and around theworld. For applica-
tion assistance, the Chicago represen-
tatives will help evaluate your needs
and provide recommendations.
Wewant you to
enjoy doing
business with
Chicago Blower.
Fans with
Airfoil Wheels
Chicago’s Design 10A is a rugged
multi-purpose centrifugal fan equip-
pedwith an airfoil wheel suited for
supply and exhaust air and light
duty industrial applications. With
energy efficient airfoil blades, the
Design 10A fan provides reliable
and quiet operation, even inmildly
contaminated air. The fan is also suit-
ed for high temperature airstreams.
1 3,4,5,6,7,8
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