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Proven Reliability in
Industrial Environments
and Corrosive
Chicago’s backward inclined
blades are designed to handle
corrosive or dusty airstreams.
Typical applications include
oven circulators, dust collectors,
fume exhausters and emission
control systems. The Design
10A is also suited for high
temperature airstreams to
800°F. The solid steel blades
are ideal for custom applied
corrosion resistant coatings.
Design 10A fans are built
under Chicago Blower’s strict
“Industrial Quality” standards,
the same standards as those
used on Chicago’s custom
engineered fans, to assure
exceptional performance and
reliability. For application
assistance, Chicago Blower
representatives are located
throughout North America
and around the world.
Thirteen Sizes to 73"
Volumes to 125,000 CFM
Pressures to 30"WG
Arrangements 1, 8, 9, 9H
Construction Classes II, III, IV
Temperatures to 800°F
Chicago’s Design 10A is a ruggedmulti-purpose centrifugal fan
equippedwith Backward Inclinedwheels suited for harsh duty
applications. With heavier blades to resist erosion and corrosion,
the Design 10A fan provides reliable operation in contaminated air
withminimal maintenance. Similar BI wheels are used in Chicago’s
SQB fans for alternate duty applications. For clean airstreams,
Chicago’s airfoil bladed fans are recommended.
Fans with
1 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,...20
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