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Meets specifications for most
general industrial applications.
Features heavy gauge housings
with continuously welded scroll.
Sizes 49 to 73 for pressures
through 12". Refer to Chicago’s
SQB fan for smaller sizes.
Same rugged construction as
Class II with additional housing
bracing andwheels reinforced
with a stiffener ring. Fans are
equippedwith heavier shafts
and bearings. Sizes 49 to 60 for
pressures through 14". Refer to
Chicago’s SQB for smaller sizes.
Still heavier gauge housings,
shafts, bearings and twowheel
stiffener rings. Class IV D/10A
fans are practical alternatives for
installations where less efficient
radial blades were considered
necessary. Sizes 22-1/4 to 49
for pressures through 24".
Chicago Blower’s wheels feature backward inclined solid steel blades
continuously welded to a streamlinedwheel cone and heavy steel
backplate. The fans canwithstand temperatures to 800° when used
in conjunctionwith a shaft cooler and shaft seal. These wheels have
true non-overloading horsepower characteristics, mechanical
efficiency over 80% and a steep stable pressure curve, ideal for
applications with pressure variations. Should actual systempressure
reach 30%higher than the pressure anticipated, delivered volume
of the Design 10Awould be typically reduced by only 10%.
Chicago’s D/10A performs reliably inmany installations that tradi-
tionally use radial bladed fans. Backward inclined blades are more
efficient than radial blades, allowing the use of smaller, lower horse-
power motors properly sized for the fan’s operating horsepower. All
classes of Chicago’s BI fans exceed AMCA performance standards.
Corporation certi-
fies that theDesign
10AFans shownor
herein are licensed
tobear theAMCA
Seal.The ratings
shown are basedon
tests andprocdures
performed in
AMCAPublication 211 and comply
with the requirements of theAMCA
Greater Efficiency
More Economical
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