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The Design 70 wheel was developed for open wheel
installations and utilizes a solid, single surface airfoil blade to
provideChicago’s Plug Fanwith one of the industry’s highest
efficiencies.With reduced horsepower requirements, energy
savings are significant, up to 84% efficient. Although the
Design70PlugFanhasambient air applications, it is typically
utilized for temperaturesup to1000°F.For higher temperatures
consult the factory. Sound levels are generally low over the
entireperformance range.
Chicago’s new compact Design
70PlugFan is designed for high
temperatures to1000°F, typically
ovens, kilns, and dryers, any-
where air streams need to be
To meet industry applications that require more powerful
motors for efficient circulation,Chicagohas increased thesize
of thestandardmountedmotor to125horsepower, an industry
gaugemotor baseandsupport gussetscontinuouslywelded to
the drive panel to effectivelywithstand the static and dynamic
loads of largermotor frames.
Thesystemplenumservesas the
fan housing, reducing space
requirements and connecting
ductwork, and therefore overall
system costs.Fancanbe installed
either verticallyor horizontally.
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