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Provideahighperformance, lowmaintenance, cen-
trifugal fan with single surface airfoil wheel with
backward curved blades. Air performance shall be
based on tests and procedures in accordancewith
AMCA standard 210. Fans must be manufactured
and assembled in the U.S.A. Acceptable vendors:
ChicagoBlower Corporation
Performance shall include steeppressureandnon-
overloadinghorsepower characteristics.Mechanical
efficiency shall be no less than 75%.Wheel inlet
cone to be designed to ensure smooth, stable air
flowacross theentireoperating range.Systemstatic
pressure changes of 30% shall result inanapprox-
imate12% volume reduction.
Fan drive panel shall be of welded, heavy gauge
construction. Bearingsupport shall beheavygauge
steel welded to panel support gussets for easy
access to the bearings. Bearings shall be 2-bolt or
4-bolt pillow blockmount heavy duty ball or spheri-
cal roller.
Wheel shall have cast iron or cast steel hub huck
bolted toaheavybackplate.Backwardcurveblades
continuouslywelded to thebackplateandsideplate.
Wheels tobestaticallyanddynamicallybalanced to
G6.3 standards in accordance with ISO 1940 and
ANSI S2.19 specifications. Shaft shall be turned,
groundandpolished1045hot rolledsteel straightened
to a maximum T.I.R. of .002 inches and mounted
usingheavydutyball or roller pillowblockbearings.
Shaft critical speedshall not be less than1.25 times
Drive Panel assembly complete with standard bolt
pattern for easyconnection toovenwall.Adjustable
motor base to be welded to heavy structural steel
support gussets.
ANDDRIVES: (Accessory)
If motors and drives are to be factory mounted,
unit tobe testedat runningspeed for vibrationand
balance. Filtered vibration readings, taken at fan
bearings and motor bearings, are not to exceed
0.15 inches per second.
Construction shall consist of stainless steel wheel,
hub, and shaft. Drive panel shall include shaft
cooler, shaft seal, andminimum4”of insulation to
isolateairstream temperatures fromexterior of the
fan.DrivePanel shall becoatedwithhigh temper-
(Choose from the following)
• Shaft Cooler (Required for temperatures
from300°F to1000°F)
• Shaft andBearingGuard
• HeavyDutyHousing
• Slip-Fit Inlet Connection
• Aluminum Inlet Cone
• 4 Inch to8 InchShaft Overhang
• Shaft Seal (Required from650°F to1000°F)
• AdjustableMotor Base
• TotallyEnclosedBelt Guard
• Constant or AdjustableSpeed
V-Belt Drives –minimum1.3S.F.
• InsulatedPlugPanel
(2” to8” thick insulationavailable)
• Inlet ConeMountingHardware
• Type “B” and “C”AMCA
SparkResistant Construction
• Knock-DownShipment
• SixSidedOpenShippingCrate
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