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TheestimateddBAof aSize365 fan
operatingat 1210RPM is 73dBA.
The estimated dBA of the same Size
365 fan operating at 1300 RPM can
be calculated as 75 dBA (interpolate
between73dBAat 1200RPMand77
dBAat 1400RPM).
The inlet cones, wheel cones, blades
and housing of theDesign 51 fan are
deigned to provide an extremely
smooth flowof air intoand through the
fan. The primary advantages of this
design are high efficiency and
lowsound levels.
The tablebelowlistsestimatedsound
levels (dBA) for each fan size at vari-
ous speeds within the fan’s normal
operating range. To determine the
estimated dBA for a selected fan,
locate the intersection of the fan size
and the fan RPM. Use the RPM
closest to theactual RPM.
(1) Sound levels are based on tests conducted in accordance with AMCA Standard 300, Set Up No.1.
(2) Sound level computations are based on a distance of 10 feet from the open inlet of the fan in a free field environment.
(3) Specific octave band sound power levels and sound pressure levels are available on request.
(4) Sound levels of installed fans can vary greatly from laboratory tests. The dBA ratings above are only to be used
as estimates. Any comparisons and all detailed calculations should be based upon sound power levels, which are
independent of the installation.
(5) The AMCA Certified Ratings Seal applies to air performance only.
1...,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48 50,51,52
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