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The heart of Chicago’s Design 51 centrifugal fan
is the airfoil wheel, themost efficient type for
clean air applications. This fan has an enviable
reputation for performance and reliability in a
multitude of applications, including industrial
supply or exhaust systems. The Design 51 single-
width is a rugged fan built to Chicago’s industrial
level of quality and long-termdependability.
Single-width fans are offered in Sizes 135 to
890, with pressures to 20" WG and volumes to
220,000 CFM. Construction flexibility is one of
the strengths of the Design 51, available in
several AMCA arrangements, including 1, 3, 8
and 9 tomeet any installation requirement.
Chicago also offers an alternate Design 51RA
fan series especially suited for lower
pressure applications. Performance
of the two designs are compared
on page 6. For special applications or
requirements, contact your Chicago
Blower Sales Engineer, an experienced and
knowledgeable fan specialist whowill
help guide you through your require-
ments for a customengineered fan.
High Volume
High Efficiency
Single Width
Airfoil Fans
Chicago Blower Corporation Design 51
Airfoil Fan ratings shown herein are basedon
tests andprocedures performed in accordance
withAMCA Publication 211.
All Design 51Airfoil Fans complywith the
recommendations inAMCA Standard 99-2408-69
“operating limits for singlewidth centrifugal fans”
andAMCA Standard 99-2402-82which details
maximumwheel diameters andoutlet areas.
1 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,...32
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