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Widely recognized for design
efficiency and integrity, Chicago’s
Design 51 airfoil wheel has ideal
characteristics for variable air
volume systems. With a smooth,
steep pressure curve, major
changes in pressurewill cause only
minor changes in volume. The broad
high-efficiency operating range offers extensive
selections and capabilities within each fan size.
The fan’s deep spun inlet and hyperbolicwheel cone
plus generous housing proportions provide a smooth
stable air flowover the entire performance range.
Precision balancing assures quieter vibration-free
operation that adds to the overall reliability and
performance of Chicago’s Design 51 airfoil fans.
Refer to
fan.net for
fan curves and
For software
and assistance,
contact your
local Chicago
Blower Sales
Airfoil Wheel
Structural Reliability
Ruggedwheels of heavy gauge steel andwelded con-
struction providemaximum integrity and long service.
Material types and gauges are determined by test
verified finite element analysis. Wheels are fittedwith
true hollowairfoil blades withweep holes to prevent
moisture build-upwithin the blade. All blades are con-
tinuously welded. Blades for all Class III and larger Class II
sizes have reinforcing ribs.
Housings are constructed of continuously welded heavy
gauge steel with rigid bearing bases. Stiff bracing is
added to resist any possible distortion caused by
sudden air flow variations. The precision shafts of the
Design 51 fans aremade from the finest select, turned,
ground and polished SAE 1040-1045 steel. Heavy-duty
bearings are self-alignable ball or roller type, computer
selected for aminimumof 75,000 hours average life at
maximumclass speeds and horsepowers. Bearing life is
extended by extremely close tolerance fits.
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