DFOS-103 - page 31

Engineering Specifications
Provide a high performance, lowmaintenance, centrifugal
fanwith airfoil wheel and hyperbolicwheel cone. Fan
shall be tested according toAMCA Standard 210 for air
performance andAMCA Standard 300 for sound perform-
ance. Fans must bemanufactured and assembled in the
U.S.A. Acceptable vendors: Chicago Blower Corporation
Performance shall include steep pressure and non-over-
loading horsepower characteristics. Mechanical efficiency
shall be no less than 80%. Wheel inlet cone to be
designed to ensure smooth, stable air flowacross the
entire operating range. System static pressure changes of
30%shall result in nomore than 10%volume reduction.
Fan housing and base shall be of welded, heavy gauge
constructionwith seven common discharge positions.
Scroll is to be continuously welded air-tight and housing
stiffeners and base to bewelded construction. Bolted
stiffeners and construction of structural members is strictly
Wheel shall have cast iron hub lock-bolted to a heavy
backplate. Blades must be single sheet continuously weld-
ed to the backplate and hyperbolicwheel cone. Wheels
to be dynamically balanced toG6.3 standards in accor-
dancewith ISO1940 andANSI S2.19 specifications. Shaft
shall be turned, ground and polished 1045 hot rolled
steel straightened to amaximum T.I.R. of .002 inches and
mounted using pillowblock bearings. Shaft critical speed
shall not be less than 1.2 times maximumRPM.
Housing assembly completewith integral mounting angles
for connection to foundation. Adjustablemotor base to
bewelded to base (accessory).
Factory Mounted Motors
and Drives:
(As Required)
Motors and drives to be factory mounted. Unit to be test-
ed at running speed for vibration and balance. Filtered
vibration readings, taken at bearings, not to exceed .15
inches per second.
Inlet Volume Control:
(As Required)
Inlet volume control (IVC) device shall be totally enclosed
within the inlet cone. IVC device shall be 7-bladed, and
pre-spin the incoming air to control volume and pressure.
Operation of IVC shall be smoothwithout fluttering of
blades. Performance control shall be repeatable and
consistant without slip or hunting for required duty.
Slip fit inlet
Flanged Inlet or Outlet - PunchedHoles
Companion Flange - Punched or Unpunched - Inlet,
Outlet or Both
Type “A”, “B”, “C” AMCA Spark Resistant Construction
1-1/2" NPT Housing Drain
Shaft Seal
Quick Clamp, Bolted, or Plug RaisedAccess Door
Inlet Screen
Shaft CoolingWheel withGuard
(Required from300°F - 800°F)
AdjustableMotor Base
Shaft and Bearing Guardwith ExtendedGrease Fittings
Totally Enclosed Belt Guardwith Ventilation Panel
Constant or Adjustable Speed V-Belt Drives -
minimum1.2 S.F.
Outlet Damper - Parallel or Opposed Blades. Manual
Operationwith LockingQuadrant or Automaticwith
Actuators available
Unitary Base: Heavy channel construction, continuously
welded, with fan andmotor basewelded to insure
vibration-free service.
Horizontal Split Housing
Centrifugal Airfoil Fans
Design 51 Single Width
1...,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 32
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