DFOS-103 - page 5

Unitary Base
Fan and adjustablemotor base arewelded onto a unitary
base of continuously welded structural steel channel.
Vibration isolators also available.
(Refer to page 30 for base dimensions.)
Shaft and Bearing Guard
The expandedmetal guard encloses the shaft and bear-
ings from the housing side to just beyond the outboard
bearing. Extended grease fittings are recommende
Belt Guard
Three sides are fully enclosedwith expandedmetal on
the fourth side for ventilation and visual inspection.
Easily removed for drive servicing.
Access Doors
The flushmounted door features quick-locking
compression clamp. Neoprene gasket to
300°F and asbestos-free gasket to 800°F. Plug
type has a round door raised 4" off the scroll to
provide adequate clearance for insulation. Includes
asbestos-free gasket.
Extended Grease Fittings
Fittings allow for external lubricationwithout removal
of shaft and bearing guard. Recommended for all
continuous operation installations.
To facilitatewheel removal, fan sizes 135 through
660 can be furnishedwith horizontal split housings.
Sizes 730 to 890 are standardwith splits. Splits are
caulked and boltedwhen the fan is shipped assem-
bled. Traffic routingmay require knocked-down
shipment. Consult your
Chicago Blower
SparkResistant Construction
AMCA Type C construction substitutes an aluminum
inlet cone and adds a drive side aluminumbuffing
tube between thewheel, shaft and housing. Used
when trace amounts of solids are in the airstream.
AMCA Type A and B also available upon request.
Special Paint and Coatings
Numerous paint and corrosion resistant coatings
are available tomeet themost stringent applications.
Special materials, such as aluminumor stainless steel,
can be provided for most duties.
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