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Thousands of industrial fan requirements worldwide have been

resolved with Chicago’s Industrial Centrifugal Fans. With the

availability of two types of rugged radial wheels, the fans handle

a wider spectrum of harsh airstreams and materials. The two

housing designs further assure compatibility with specific

applications and installations.

Select from 14 sizes with volumes to 70,000 CFM, pressures

to 40", and temperatures to 800F. Performance ratings are

included in Chicago’s fan.net selection program, also providing

dimensions and sound data.

Chicago Blower’s efficient and cost effective Industrial Centrifugal

Fans are one of a long line of air moving products that has

earned Chicago Blower the reputation as a premier industrial

fan builder. For application assistance, Chicago Blower

representatives are located throughout North America and

around the world.


Refer to Chicago’s



performance, fan curves and

sound data. For software and

assistance, contact your local

Chicago Blower sales engineer.