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Pressure Air Fans

Chicago’s custom design Pressure Air Fan is

recommended for high pressure primary air

on burners, pulverizes, fluidizers and scrub-

bers, plus pneumatic conveying systems

handling harsh materials. Variable widths

and alternate corrosion resistant construc-

tion is available to meet individual perform-

ance and application requirements. Wheel

diameters from 20" to 120" deliver volumes

to 50,000 CFM and pressures to 70"wg.

Ask for Bulletin PA.

Single Stage

Pressure Blowers

Chicago’s Design 53 Pressure Blowers are

suited for higher pressure, heavier duty

burners and furnaces in addition to a wider

range of process applications and conveying

systems. The blowers are available in four

arrangements and eight discharge positions.

Volumes from 250 to 5,200 CFM and pres-

sures to 59"wg. Ask for Bulletin CPB.


Radial Bladed

Pressure Blowers


Cast Aluminum

Pressure Blowers

Chicago’s economical Design 38 Pressure

Blowers are especially suited for combus-

tion air, fume and dust control, forced air

drying and cooling, and conveying. Nine

housing sizes, 8" to 18.5", can each be fit-

ted with multiple wheel/inlet configurations

to match required performance. Volumes

from 50 to 5,000 CFM and pressures to

24"wg. Ask for Bulletin CAPB.