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Compact square

fans are first

choice for many

installations such

as this four-stage

fabric filter at

a major pharma-

ceutical lab.

Wheel Selection

Chicago’s ICF fans are equipped with 6-bladed steel radial

wheels designed for the toughest industrial environments. Flat

blade surfaces prevent material build-up or deposits and are easy

to clean. Wheels are statically and dynamically balanced for

smooth long-lasting operation, keyed to the shaft and secured

with multiple set screws. Most fan sizes can be ordered with

either the Wool-Fiber Wheel or the Long-Shavings Wheel.

Long Shaving wheels

without backplate are

recommended for conveying

air or gases containing

material that could build

up on other wheels.

The LS wheel is ideal

for sticky, heavy

or abrasive dust, such as

coal dust and gritty pollution

control systems, plus induced

draft and industrial oven

applications. First choice for

dry, granular conveying,

applications range from

wood chips to plastics.

Fan sizes 7 through 41.

In addition to handling air

and gases, the Wool-Fiber

wheel with backplate is

designed for long

fibers and stringy

material. It was

developed to handle the

dusty, fibrous airstreams,

fabric manufacturing and

paper processing. The

WF wheel is available in

fan sizes 5 through 21.

Long Shavings Wheel


Wool-Fiber Wheel


With the many wheel/housing

combinations, it’s like specifying

a custom fan without the

premium cost and long

delivery time


Right - The ideal solution

for on-going road build-

ing projects is this mobile

dust collector, used here

for a temporary asphalt


Left - Applications involv-

ing corrosive by-products

or high humidity environ-

ments require rust free

stainless steel fans.