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D/16A Features

Chicago’s traditional fixed housing Industrial Centrifugal Fans

are available as a basic Arrangement 1 in sizes 11 thru 41 or

self-contained Arrangement 9 in sizes 11 thru 37. The fans

are built in constructions classes 2 thru 4 to meet any duty.

With the Arrangement 1 fan, two heavy-duty ball or roller

bearing pillow blocks are mounted on a pedestal attached to

the housing. The fan shaft extends over the base and is keyed

for mounting the drive sheave. Maximum temperature for the

Arrangement 1 is 400°F, or 800°F with optional shaft cooling


The Arrangement 9 is a compact, space-saving unit with

adjustable motor slide base welded to the bearing pedestal.

Maximum temperature for the Arrangement 9 is 400°F or

650°F with shaft cooling wheel.

SQI Features

Flanged side sheets provide extra strength to an already

rigid configuration. SQI fans come standard with unpunched

flanged outlet and slip fit inlet.

Maximum temperature with either wheel is 650°F. Shafts run in

two individual grease lubricated ball bearings mounted on a

bolted removable bracket for easier service.

Chicago’s SQI square design fans are available in Arrangements

1 and 9. They are also available as “packaged” fans with motor,

drive and accessories installed, shipped ready to run.

The versatile Chicago

Square Fan design allows

the housing to be posi-

tioned on any of four sides

and the fan to be run in

any of eight discharge

positions. Motor base has

mounting holes for all


The basic SQI fan

with rugged continuously

welded construction

Packaged SQI fans are

built with specified

accessories, factory

tested, shipped

ready to run

Many critical processing installations

require stainless steel and alternate