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Design Options
Partial List of
Available Accessories
Tomeet specific applications, PA fans canbebuiltwith
stainless steel or alloy construction. Split housings facilitate
wheel removal without disturbing connectingductwork.
Integral inlet boxes, pre-spin inlet dampers andopposed-
bladeoutlet dampers all control air flow. Belt guards and
shaft coolers are also commonoptions, in addition to the
various housing andwheel liners.
ChicagoBlower engineers areeager todesign andbuild
thepressure fan thatmeets your exact requirements.
• Integral Inlet Box
• Unitary Base
• MultipleArrangements
(including dual drive)
• Split Housings
• Leak resistant contruction
• Rubber linedhousings
• Various blade liner
• Scroll and side liners
• Heat treatedwheels
• Motor jack bolts
• Fan jackingbolts
• Stainless steel shaft sleeves
• Spark resistant Type“C”
• Continuouswelding
• AWSwelding
• API 560 and673
• Wheel Balance to
G2.5 and lower
• Companion inlet or
outlet flanges
• Inlet or outlet dampers
• Quick-clampor raised
bolted access doors
• Belt guard
• Shaft cooler
• Multi-guards
• Evasé
• Isolation springs
• Vibrationdetectors
• Coolingwheels
• Low leakage seals
• Flanged and valveddrains
• Spacer couplings
• Spray nozzles
• Sleevoil bearings
• Tricooilerswithoil level
sight glasses
• Thermocouples or RTDs
• Speed sensors
Arrangement 8 fanwith
0° integral inlet box
stainless steel
leak-resistant fan tested
at ChicagoBlower to6psig
with soapbubble test
Ceramic linedblades
extendwheel life in
abrasive applications
Refer toChicagoBlower’sSelection
Program,, for performance,
fancurves andsounddata.
Locateyour local ChicagoBlower
salesengineer for software and
assistanceon thewebat
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