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Developed initially for the dust collector industry,

Chicago’s new Packaged Backward Inclined (PBI)

fan is also ideal for an expanding range of applications,

such as laser cutters, air filtration, and pneumatic con-

veying, up to 150°F. Chicago’s PBI fan is also the perfect

replacement for older, less reliable fans. The rugged PBI

fan provides the performance you need and the reliability

you want, backed by

Chicago’s 3-year warranty.

Chicago’s PBI fan is the right choice for your require-

ments, designed to increase the stable operating range

by over 20%. This enables you to offer a wider perform-

ance range and thereby eliminate fan sizes. Chicago’s

Design 64 PBI fan is offered in 12 sizes from 122 to 365

and in standard widths of 100% through 40%. With the

available motor speeds, a PBI fan will meet all your

necessary performance and physical specifications.

This typical dust collector

installation for a laser cutter

recirculates the clean exhaust

within the facility. The optional

outlet damper, outlet transition

and outlet silencer complete

the installation.

Since Chicago’s PBI is a direct drive fan, initial cost is

less and belt drive problems are eliminated – periodic

belt adjustments, belt squeal, horsepower guesswork.

It all adds up to a more energy efficient, more depend-

able fan. In fact, Chicago’s run tested PBI fan’s most

important benefit is the reliability we add to your product.

Chicago Blower representatives located throughout

North America and around the globe welcome the op-

portunity to discuss and evaluate your application. Put

Chicago Blower’s experience and “Industrial Quality”

fan building expertise to work for you.