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Refer to Chicago Blower’s for performance,

fan curves and sound data.

For software and assistance,



New High Performance Wheel

Chicago has developed a new wheel for the PBI fan.

The wheel uses heavy backward inclined steel blades for

maximum performance in hostile environments. The PBI

wheel, coupled with the streamlined inlet, virtually elimi-

nates vibration and reduces noise levels dramatically.

Rugged Housing

Heavy gauge steel and added drive side support

gussets contribute to extended vibration-free operation,

critical for any installation. Continuous welding of housing

assures air tight seams. The fan’s support gussets have

four built-in lifting eyes for easy balanced lifting.

Punched Flanged Outlet/Inlet

Equipped as standard, both the inlet and outlet are

flanged and punched for easier installation. The outlet

flange allows for bolting of ductwork, dampers, silencers

or screens directly to the fan. An optional universal inlet

flange that bolts to the equipment has a larger opening

and larger diameter bolt circle.

C-Face Motor Mount

Allows C-face motors to mount directly to the fan

housing, creating an airtight fit-up with no shaft seal. As

the motor weight is also centered over the wheel, stability

is improved when running in the vertical position.

Withstands Adverse


Since some dust collector fans are installed outside

the facility and subject to year-round environments, the

C-face motor is bolted directly to the housing and caulked

with adhesive sealant to provide weather-proofing and

keep water out.

The Performance

you need...

the Reliability

you want!