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Double Width

Designed for greater volumes, the double

width Design 51 is ideal for variable air volume

systems and available with Chicago’s exclusive

Inlet Volume Control.

Sizes: 135 to 807

Volumes to 425,000 CFM

Pressures to 22” wg

Request Bulletin DFO

Plenum Fans

Unhoused fans for easy installation directly

into a plenum. Ideal for retro applications to

expand system performance within the same

space. Temperatures to 140° F.

Sizes: 135 to 807

Volumes to 230,000 CFM

Pressures to 17” wg

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PBI Packaged Fans

Designed initially for dust collection

applications, the Design 64 provides a choice of

12 fan sizes and comes with a 3-year warranty

(an industry 1st). Temperatures to 200° F.

Sizes: 122 to 365

Volumes to 46,100 CFM

Pressures to 23” wg

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High Pressure

Backward Curved

An industrial backward curved fan available as a

pre-engineered fan line, the Design 95 delivers

the reliability of a custom designed fan at the

price and lead time of a standard production

fan. The wheel uses heavy backward curved

blades designed to handle dusty and harsh

environments. The solid steel blades are also ideal

for custom applied corrosion resistant coatings.

Temperatures to 800° F.

Sizes: 182 to 890

Volumes to 385,000 CFM

Pressures to 40” wg

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High Efficiency

Plug Fans

Wheel is installed directly inside ovens and

dryers with outside drive panel. Ideal for high

temperature installation with insulated walls.

Temperatures to 1000° F.

Sizes: 12 to 60

Volumes to 156,000 CFM

Pressures to 20” wg

Request Bulletin BCPF or SQPF

DD Plug Fans

When Direct Drive plug fans are coupled

with variable frequency drives, performance

is not limited to synchronous motor speeds.

Temperatures to 180° F.

Sizes: 12-1/4 to 30

Volumes to 25,900 CFM

Pressures to 12” wg

Request Bulletin SPFD

SQB Square Fans

Fans combine the “B” wheel with the capability

of exhausting dirty industrial process air, and

Chicago’s versatile square housing. Tempera-

tures to 650° F.

Sizes: 12-1/4 to 44-1/2

Volumes to 70,000 CFM

Pressures to 17” wg

Request Bulletin SQB

BI Industrial Fans

Design 10A fans are for high volume clean air

and most light industrial applications. Single

or double width, construction classes I-III.

Temperatures to 800° F.

Sizes: 135 to 807

Volumes to 263,000 CFM

Pressures to 30” wg

Request Bulletin BCF or DFOB

Airfoil Fans (cont.)

Efficient Choice for Clean Air, Fumes, Light Dust

Backward Inclined

Single-surface Bladed Wheels for Corrosive Air, Industrial Process Exhaust