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Single Stage

Design 53 blowers are suited for pneumatic

conveying, combustion, and various other high

pressure applications. Available in aluminum,

and steel wheel styles up to 650° F.

Sizes: A to R

Volumes to 18,000 CFM

Pressures to 91” wg

Request Bulletin CPB

Pressure Blowers

For Combustion Air, Process Applications, Pneumatic Conveying


Cast Aluminum

Design 38 blowers for fume/dust control, forced

air drying and cooling. Match multiple wheels/

inlets to eight housing sizes to meet required

performance. Temperatures to 200° F.

Sizes: 800 to 1829

Volumes to 5,000 CFM

Pressures to 20” wg

Request Bulletin CAPB

ICF Industrial Fans

Industrial Centrifugal Fans with flat bladed

wheel resists material buildup while maintaining

balance. Heavy duty shaft and bearings.

Temperatures to 800° F.

Sizes: 7 to 41

Volumes to 120,000 CFM

Pressures to 40” wg

Request Bulletin ICF

SQI Industrial Fans

Heavy Duty “LS” wheel exhausts harsh corrosive

airstreams. Compact industrial fan with gusset

mounted bearings to provide a compact

arrangement. Temperatures to 650° F.

Sizes: 5 to 17

Volumes to 17,000 CFM

Pressures to 19” wg

Request Bulletin SQI

Radial Bladed Fans

Pre-Engineered Fans for Dirty Airstreams, Material Handling



Industrial Radial Tip

With rugged radial tipped wheels, the IRT

is ideal for induced draft, industrial dust

collection, and most harsh airstreams. The fan

is available in belt drive Arrangement 1 and 9

configurations plus direct drive Arrangement 8.

• Sizes: 3000 to 6000

• Volumes to 160,000 CFM

• Pressures to 33” wg

Request Bulletin IRT

Single/Double Width

Wheels, housings, inlet cones and inlet vane

controls are available for packaged equipment.

Select from airfoil or backward inclined blades.

Sizes: 100 to 490

Volumes to 158,000 CFM

Pressures to 20” wg

For Single Width Request Bulletin SAFK

For Double Width Request Bulletin DAFK


For OEM Requirements

Fan Kit SW

Airfoil Wheel

with Custom

Blue Paint



Fan Kit DW