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For Ventilation, HVAC, Industrial Applications

Panel/Tubeaxial Fans

for General, Industrial Ventilation

Panel Fans

• Sizes: 14 to 48

• Volumes to 64,000 CFM

• Pressures to 2” wg

- Request Bulletin DCP

Direct drive adjustable pitch airfoil blades are precision molded from glass-reinforced resins. To achieve maximum

performance and efficiencies to 70%. Propellers are furnished with three to twelve blades pre-set at the prescribed pitch,

from 4° to 28°, and computer matched to available motors.

Tube Axial

• Sizes: 16 to 48

• Volumes to 65,000 CFM

• Pressures to 3” wg

- Request Bulletin DCT

Adjustable Pitch Wheels

Blades adjustable to any pitch, providing the fine

tuning to meet precise OEM requirements.

- Request Bulletin APW


Controllable Pitch

for Variable Air Volume Systems

Sensors compensate for changes in temperature, humidity, air

flow, gas concentration or air quality by altering the blade pitch

to increase or decrease air volume or pressure. Fan is ideal for

VAV systems and for industrial applications requiring a constant

environment regardless of air demand.

Sizes: 1650 to 8075

Volumes to 260,000 CFM

Pressures to 15” wg

Request Bulletin VAV

Adjustable Pitch

for System Balancing, Seasonal Changes

Adjustable pitch fans are recommended for installations where

air demands may change but continuous automatic control is

not needed. Blade pitch is set externally at the hub to alter air

volume or pressure. Aluminum alloy airfoil blades and hub

assure reliable performance. Direct drive and belt drive.

Sizes: 1650 to 8075

Volumes to 260,000 CFM

Pressures to 20” wg

Request Bulletin VAV

Fixed Pitch

Compact Design 34 fans are designed for general industrial,

non-VAV applications. Welded steel wheels, heavy gauge

housings. Drive adjustment varies volume/pressure.

Sizes: 15 to 54-1/4

Volumes to 108,000 CFM

Pressures to 5” wg

Request Bulletin VA