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Mechanical Draft Fans

A wide selection of airfoil, backward curved

and radial tip wheel designs are available for

forced and induced draft applications. Typical

installations include incinerators, baghouses,

kilns, furnaces as well as other custom

processes. Fans are custom built in most

arrangements, fully factory completed, and

field erected fans.

• Wheels to 146

• Volumes to 1,000,000 CFM

• Pressures to 70” wg

For Airfoil Request Bulletin AF/BC

For Radial Tip Request Bulletin RT

Pressure Air Fans

Heavy radial wheels are recommended for

pollution control applications, such as continuous

duty of primary air on burners, pulverizers,

fluidizers and scrubbers. Options include

abrasion and corrosion resistant construction

materials. Variable widths and diameters provide

exact performance with direct drive convenience.

• Wheels to 150

• Volumes to 440,000 CFM

• Pressures to 108” wg

Request Bulletin PA

API Fans

All custom fans are available with API 673

and 560 construction features to meet

the stringent demands of the petroleum

industry. Although fans are built for a

variety of refinery applications, each one

is individually engineered using one of

15 distinct designs to fulfill performance

specifications and the unique demands of

the installation.

Request Bulletin API



Chicago manufactures stack and

fan dampers for most applications.

Included are pre-engineered Inlet

Volume Controls (IVC), plus Custom

Outlet Dampers, Butterfly Dampers and

Inlet Box Louvre Dampers, both the

Pre-Spin and Opposed Blade types.

- Request Bulletin ID


A division of Chicago Blower Corporation

Also offering welding, cutting &

forming services through our new

fabrication division. Contact us

for help with ductwork, transition

pieces, cyclone assemblies, support

systems, and more.

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