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Undisputed Reliability



Supply Air

Clean Air

Packaged Forced Air

Pneumatic Conveying



Fan Sizes

• SQA 8-3/4

to 44-1/2

• SQAD 8-3/4

to 30

Volumes to 55,000 CFM

Pressures to 15" W.G.


• SQA 1, 8, 9

• SQAD 4

Construction Classes I, II, III

• Discharges: TH, BH, UB, DB

AMCA Licensed Performance

Chicago’s SQA fans have been selected for well over 100,000 industrial and commercial

installations worldwide. The SQA fans are known for their exceptional durability and efficiency,

and are continually updated and expanded to meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s visions.

This versatile innovative design packs maximum performance into a minimum footprint.

Chicago’s SQAD is the direct drive alternative to the SQA fan. Size for size it delivers the

same performance and efficiency in a more

compact arrangement.

All SQA fans are available

for quick delivery