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Open inlets, slip fit inlets and punched flanged inlets are

available to meet installation requirements.

Inlet/OutletCompanion Flanges

Structural angle assembly matches fan inlet or outlet

flanges and allows fastening of ductwork for a flange-to-

flange connection.

Outlet Dampers

Designed to control air flow at low initial cost, outlet

dampers (shown below) have punched flanges on both

ends to simplify fan and duct connections. Parallel blades

are standard with opposed blades available. Air volume is

controlled manually or automatically by electric or pneumatic


Inlet Volume Control

For varying or partial load applications, Chicago’s Inlet

Volume Control (IVC) provides precise air control and

greater efficiency than

an outlet damper. IVC

is nested within the

inlet cone. Air volume is

controlled manually or

automatically by electric

or pneumatic actuator.

Inlet Box

Bolt-on box (shown at

right) simplifies duct

connection when a hor-

izontal connection is

impractical. Assures fan

performance when a

sharp turn is required

at the fan inlet.

Cast AluminumWheel

Available on Sizes 12-1/4 and 13-1/2, Class I only.

Temperatures to 200°F. Aluminum wheel standard on

Sizes 8-3/4 and 10.

Inlet Screen

Steel wire screen mounts within the inlet cone or outside

the inlet vanes when furnished with IVC.

Shaft Seals

Split steel or aluminum plate is designed to reduce leakage

through the drive side shaft opening. Leak-resistant contact

shaft seals are also available. Shaft seals are not gas tight.

Shaft Cooler

For temperature applications over 300°F, an aluminum

cooling wheel is required. Maximum temperature is 650°F.

Shaft and Bearing Guard

The metal guard encloses the shaft and bearings. For eas-

ier lubrication, extended grease fittings are recommended.

Extended Grease Fittings

For easier lubrication of belt drive fans, fittings are

mounted on the bearing support gussets and lube lines

extended to the bearings.

Belt Guard

The guard is fully enclosed with a removable cover.

Access Door

The flush mounted door features quick opening clamps and

gasket. Bolted door or insulated plug type is also available.

Housing Drain

A 1-1/2" half coupling is welded to the lowest point of

the housing. Available with or without drain plug.

Unitary Base

Belt drive fan and adjustable motor base are welded onto

a unitary base of structural steel channel. Vibration iso-

lators also available. (Refer to page 18 for dimensions.)

Vibration T-Rails

Vibration isolation T-rails are mounted on anti-vibration

springs to isolate all rotating components.

Spark Resistant Construction

AMCA Type B and C spark resistant construction. Maximum

temperature is 200°F for Type B and 650°F for Type C.

Special Coatings

Numerous special paint and corrosion resistant coatings

are available to meet the most stringent requirements.