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Chicago’s Design 47Vane Axial fans are specified
by architects, engineers and industrial firms world-
wide to meet today’s environmental challenges.
Chicago fans are selected for internationally
renowned installations such as the Sidney Opera
House, Petronas Twin Towers and United’s O’Hare
Terminal.Vane axial fans are chosen for their relia-
bility, low initial cost andspacesavingconfiguration.
Chicago’svariableair volume fansprovidemaximum
efficiency even in unpredictable environments. Two
types of Chicago D/47Vane Axial direct drive fans
areoffered, ControllablePitchandAdjustablePitch.
Both supply volumes to 250,000 cfm, pressures to
15 sp. and sizes to81-1/8".
Chicago Blower fans are recog-
nized for their reliability and
industrial quality. Every phase of
fan construction is governed by
strict Chicago guidelines and
stringent AMCA requirements.
For application evaluations and fan recommenda-
tions, contact aChicagoBlower representative.
Controllable Pitch
Controllable Pitch fans respond automatically to
changes in temperature, humidity, air flow, gas con-
centrationandair quality.Clearly thebest choice for
variable air volume systems, they are also used in
sensitive industrial applications tomaintainconstant
conditions regardless of air demand.
Adjustable Pitch
Adjustable Pitch fans are specified for applications
less critical to environmental variations, typically
seasonal changesor systemexpansion.Bladepitch
is adjusted externally at the hub to increase or de-
crease volumeandpressure.
ChicagoBlower certifies that the
licensed to bear theAMCASeal.
The ratings are based on tests
andproceduresperformed inac-
211andcomplywith the require-
mentsof theAMCACertifiedRat-
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