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Optional Equipment
Streamlined Inlet Bell
An inlet bell reduces entry loss and is
necessary to obtain rated performance
onopen inlets.The inlet bell, or acasing
extension, must be used with Control-
lable pitch fans. Heavy gauge spinning
bolts to inlet flange, but is not designed
to support the fan.
Inlet or Outlet Cone
Sinceavaneaxial fancanhaveadiam-
eter about 20%smaller than theduct, a
taperedcone isused toconnectwithei-
ther the inlet or outlet.An inlet conemay
also be used on open fans to avoid
large velocity pressure loss. The
flanged, punched cone bolts to fan and
duct andwill support fan inanyposition
except cantilever.
Access Door
The access door is located in the op-
tional inlet/outlet cone to facilitateblade
inspection, adjustment or cleaning.The
doors are gasketed and are sealed air-
tight withquick release latches.
Spool Piece
Anon-tapered housing extension com-
pletewith latcheddoor isused in instal-
lationswhereanaccessdoor cannot be
provided in theduct.
Guard Screen
Heavy gauge wire screen protects fan
blades from foreign debris. It fits fan
flange, inlet or outlet cone, or inlet bell.
For BothAdjustablePitchand
Angle Rings
Angle rings facilitate installation
with both flexible and slip-fit con-
Mounting Feet
Heavy reinforced steel plate welded to
the fan housing is suitable for floor or
Vibration Isolators
Spring typeandelastomer in-shear rub-
ber or neoprene mounts reduce vibra-
tion transmission in any fan mounting
Sound Attenuator
Attenuator reduces sound levels in
noise sensitive applications. It bolts to
fan inlet or outlet. Acoustical cones are
available in lieuof standard cones.
Variable Inlet Vanes
Manually adjusted vanes are used to
vary volume when frequency changes
are required. Assembly bolts to fan
ElectricOption includesanelectric/pneumatic transducer to translate
user electric signals to the pneumatic signals required by the pilot
Compressedair for theElectricOption is furnishedeither by theuser
or by anauxiliary pneumatic power pressure systemavailable from
Chicago Blower. The auxiliary system consists of an air compres-
sor, receiver, gauges, filters, drainsandair lines. It iseithermounted
to the fan casingor furnished loose for usermounting.
Automatic Electric Control
For ControllablePitchFans
motor tiesupports isstandard
for largeNEMA framemotors.
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