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Centrifugal CPB Fans
Provide a high performance, lowmaintenance, centrifugal fanwith radial
wheel. Fan shall be air performance tested based on tests and procedures
in accordancewithAMCA 211. Fansmust bemanufactured and assembled
in theU.S.A.
Acceptable vendors: Chicago Blower Corporation
Performance shall include steep pressure and overloading horsepower char-
acteristics. Mechanical efficiency shall be no less than 60%. System static
pressure changes of 30% shall result in nomore than 10%CFM reduction.
Housing shall be cast with 319 cast aluminum, having a 3/16"minimum
wall thickness. Housing should consist of two halves which are bolted and
sealed. Inlets and outlets shall be round of nominal diameters for slip fit of
ductwork, flexible connector, or hose. Housings include a Teflon shaft seal.
All housing sizes shall be reversible for clockwise or counterclockwise
and capable of being rotated to all eight standarddischarge positions.
Wheels with tip speeds to 13,000 feet perminute shall be 319 cast
aluminum.Wheels with tip speeds over 13,000 feet perminute shall be
356 cast aluminumwith T6 heat treatment. All wheels shall have an inte-
gral straight bore hub keyedwith set screws formounting.Wheels to be
statically and dynamically balanced toG 6.3 standards in accordancewith
ISO 1940 andANSI S2.19 specifications. The addition of weights is not
allowed, thus balancing shall be accomplished bymaterial removal only.
Motorbase-Fan shall bemountedwith heavy gauge steel pedestal.
Motors to be factorymounted. Unit to be tested at running speed for
vibration and balance. Filtered vibration readings, taken at bearings, not to
exceed .22 inches per second.
• Flanged Inlet/Outlet – 319 Cast Aluminumwith PunchedHoles
• 1/2"NPTHousingDrainwith Plug
• Inlet/Outlet Screen
• RIS Isolators
• Inlet Filter
• SlideGateDamper
• Belt Guard
• Shaft and BearingGuard
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