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“Industrial Quality” has
long describedChicago’s
rugged construction and
guarantees exceptional
performance and reliability.
Our fan’smost important feature is
the reliabilitywe are able to add to
your product. If you are unsure of a
fan selection for a specific application,
your Chicago representativewill help
provide recommendations. Chicago
Blower offices are located throughout
NorthAmerica and around theworld.
Chicago castings blend aluminumwith
high-strength alloys to create strong,
corrosion-free housings andwheels
ideal for adverse industrial environ-
ments. Aluminumalso stands up to
sub-zero ambients withoutmaterial
deterioration. Since aluminum is non-
magnetic and non-toxic, Chicago’s
pressure blowers are recommended
for both electronic and food related
applications. The non-sparking proper-
ties qualify Chicago’s pressure blowers
for AMCAType B spark resistant rating.
Chicago Blower’s
new series of cast
blowers fills the
diverse needs
of high pressure
applications from
combustion air
to fume and dust
control to food
The samemarque that has identified higher quality,
extremely durable industrial fans for over 50 years is now
cast into a new series of aluminumpressure blowers.
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