CAPB-101 - page 3

Chicago’s Wheel
Designs Meet
Your Precise
Requirement with
Direct Drive
Each of the eight pressure blower
housings can be fittedwithmultiple
wheel/inlet configurations tomatch
the volume required for the application.
Depending on any one size there is up
to 24 combinations available.
With all these possible selections, the
user gains the efficiency andmaintenance-
free advantages of direct drivewith
the performance versatility of belt drive.
Even if performance needs should
change in the future, an alternate
wheel can be easily fitted tomeet the
new requirement. Nowastedmotion.
The housing andmotor will usually
remain unchanged.
Chicago’s Design 38 cast aluminum
pressure blowers are offered in eight
sizes from8" to 18-1/2" in combina-
tionwith 64 uniquewheels, all stocked
for quick assembly. They produce flows
to 5000 CFMand static pressures to
20"wg. and have been performance
verified in anAMCA certified lab.
size 1000
is available
with five
wheels of
widths and
1,2 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,...16
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