Pressure Blower Instructions
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an ISO 9001 Company



Bulletin IMI-38 6/17


Spare or repair parts may be ordered from your nearest

“Chicago” Sales Engineer by giving the part name,

(Wheel, Motor, Bearing, etc.) and the FAN SERIAL

NUMBER taken from the nameplate or the JOB

ORDER drawings. If possible also give the bearing or

shaft size and the fan class. Due to the small number

of parts required, spare parts lists are neither neces-

sary nor available. Use these instructions instead.


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Design 38 Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers


Chicago Blower Corporation equipment is prepared for shipment in accordance with

the Uniform Freight Classification. It is thoroughly inspected at the factory and,

barring damage in transit, should be in good condition upon arrival.

When a carrier signs Chicago Blower Corporation’s bill of lading, the


accepts the responsibility

for any subsequent shortages or damage evident or

concealed, and

any claim must be made against the carrier by the purchaser.

Evident shortage or

damage should be noted on the carrier’s delivery docu-


before signature of acceptance. Inspection by the carrier of damage evident

or concealed must be requested. After inspection, issue a purchase order for nec-

essary parts or arrange for return of the equipment to Chicago Blower Corporation

factory for repair.

Chicago Blower fans are shipped skidded and may be handled and moved using

good rigging techniques, being careful to avoid concentrated stresses that distort any

of the parts.


If the fan installation is to be delayed, store the unit in a dry protected area. Protect

the fan, especially fan and motor bearings from moisture and vibration. Protect all

machined surfaces such as shafts. Rotate the wheel several revolutions every two

weeks stopping the wheel in a position other than its initial position. Keep the bear-

ings fully greased by filling monthly with a grease compatible to that originally sup-

plied. Contact Chicago Blower for extended storage instructions.


The fan which you have purchased is a rotating piece of equipment and can become

a source of danger to life or cause injury if not properly applied. The

maximum oper-

ating temperature



for which this fan is designed

must not be exceeded.

These limits are given in our catalog or on Chicago Blower Corporation drawings.

Personnel who will operate this fan, or those who will perform maintenance thereon,

must be given this bulletin to read and warned of the potential hazards of this


This pamphlet contains general recommendations, but specific requirements may

apply to the individual installation. Such requirements are outlined in federal, state and

local safety codes. Strict compliance with these codes, and strict adherence to these

installation instructions

are the responsibility of the user.


The following is general assembly/disassembly instructions for Arrangement 4 fans only.


1. Mount motor to pedestal bolting together finger tight. (Not applicable for vertical

mounted fans.)

2. Caulk and bolt drive cover plate to drive side of housing and inlet cover plate to

inlet side of housing. All cover plate hardware must be flat head allen bolts.

3. Screw the teflon shaft seal to inside of drive side cover plate.

4. Bolt the housing half with the drive side cover plate to the c-face of the motor or

motor mounting bracket if motor does not have c-face.

5. Tighten motor pedestal mounting bolts. (Not applicable for vertical mounted fans.)

6. Mount wheel to motor shaft and position the wheel so that the set screw over the

key is at the bottom. Torque the bottom set screw first and then the opposing set

screw next. Torque 5/16" set screw to 70 in/lb and 3/8" set screw to 240 in/lb.

Wheel should be centered in the housing.

7. Caulk and bolt housing halves together. Be sure to match up housing halves so

that slip discharge is round.


1. Remove bolts and cut caulk to split apart housing halves.

2. Loosen wheel set screws and remove wheel.

3. To re-assemble, follow steps 6 and 7 under Assembly Instructions.