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JUNE 2011
ControllablePitchOperation - ElectricOption
Please refer to the individual transducer component and compressor safety,
installation, operating, andmaintenance instructions, furnished by theirmanufacturers
and providedwith the fan, for detailson those items.
Variousaccessoriesare available forCPP fans. Thosepertinent to fan performance,
controllablepitch operation, or installation are discussed here.
CPP fanswith open inlets require theuseof inlet bellsor inlet cones. Published fan
performancesare based on theuseof inlet bellsand operation of unitswith bare, open
inletswill result in decreased performancesand increased noise levels. ChicagoBlower
CorporationCPP fansare dynamically balanced, but it is recommended that they be
supported by vibration isolators. Either spring or rubber-in-shear isolators are suitable. Do
not use largedeflection isolators.
WhenCPP fansare energized, they generate thrust forceswhich cause the fans
to bedisplaced opposite thedirectionof air flow. These forcesmust be resisted to
maintain duct alignment and protect flexible connections. Some installations, particularly
horizontal unitswith long hanging rods,may require 'snubbers' to limit fanmovement.
CPP fansare inherently high velocityairmoving devicesand it isquite common to utilize
outlet coneson fan discharges tominimize velocitypressure lossesand regain static
pressure. Inlet casing extensionsor spool piecesare necessarywhen inlet bellsor inlet
conesare not specified.
ChicagoBlower CorporationCPP fansare prepared for shipment in accordance
with theUniformFreight Classification. They are thoroughly inspected at the
factory and, barring damage in transit, will be in perfect condition upon arrival.
Whena carrier signsaChicagoBlower Corporation bill of lading, the carrier
accepts responsibility for any subsequent shortageor damage, evident or
concealed, and any claimmust bemadeagainst the carrier by thepurchaser.
Evident shortageor damage should benoted on the carrier's delivery document
before signature of acceptance. Inspection by the carrier, of damageevident or
concealed,must be requested. After inspection, issuea purchaseorder for
necessary partsor arrange for return of theequipment to theChicagoBlower
Corporation factory for repair.
Donot remove theplastic plugsused to fill theempty blade sockets inwheel
hubson fans suppliedwith six-bladedwheels.
ChicagoBlower CorporationCPP fansare shipped completely assembled and
skidded. The should behandledwith good rigging techniquesand care to avoid
concentrated stresses that would distort anyparts.
Thispamphlet containsgeneral recommendations. Specific requirements, such as
thoseoutlined in federal, state, and local safety codes,mayapply to individual
installations. Strict compliancewith those codesand strict adherence to these
installation instructionsare the responsibilityof theuser.
ChicagoBlower CorporationCPP fansare rotatingpiecesof equipment and can
become sourcesof danger to lifeor cause injury if not properly applied. The
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