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JUNE 2011
Make sure the springsare removed aspart of thepiston assembly.
Check the condition of thepiston and retaining bolt 'O' rings. Replace
if necessary.
C. Rotate theblade crankarm rollers out of thepiston housing groove
through the slotsprovided in thepiston housing flange.
D. Slide thepiston housing assemblyoff of the straight bore adaptor
bushing. Check that the six, plastic return spring guide rod, bushings
remained captured in the counter bored holes in the inner wall of the
6. Remove the threehex socket cap screwsand lockwashers that attach the
wheel to the straight bore adaptor bushing and thread the cap screws into the
holesprovided, adjacent to themounting holes, in thewheel hub.
7. Tighten the cap screws slowly and evenly against the straight bore bushing
flange to loosen and remove thewheel hub-and-bladeassembly.
8. To remove the straight bore adaptor bushing, loosen its four set screwsand
slide thebushing from themotor shaft. A pullermaybe required.
NOTE: To remove themotor, it isnecessary tohaveaccess toboth the inlet and
thedischargeendsof theunit.
1. Remove thepitch changingmechanism, wheel hub and bladeassembly, and
straight bore adaptor bushing.
E. DISASSEMBLY,Wheel Removal.
2. Remove the conduit box cover and disconnect all wiring.
3. Remove the conduit box from the fan casing.
4. Disconnect and remove the conduit running from themotor to the fan casing.
CAUTION: Remove the conduitwithcare so themotor electrical leads are
not damage.
5. Disconnect themotor bearing lubrication linesat the fan casing.
6. Largermotors have tie rods from themotor to the casing, opposite the shaft
end of themotor. Remove the tie rods.
7. Support themotor securely so it isnot damagedwhen themotormounting
boltsare removed.
8. Themotormounting boltsextend through themotormounting bulkhead into
the 'C' face flangeof themotor. Remove themotormounting bolts from the
inlet sideof themotormounting bulkhead.
9. Remove themotor through thedischargeend of the casing.
Motor Installation
1. Place themotor into the fan casing from thedischargeend.
2. Fit themotor 'C' face flange into the recessprovided in themotormounting
bulk head. Secure themotor to thebulk headwith themotormounting bolts.
Themotormounting boltsare inserted through thebulk head and extend into
themotor's 'C' face flange. Tighten themotormounting boltsevenlyand
torque to; thirty foot pounds for one-half inch diameter bolts; sixty-five foot
pounds for five-eighthsdiameter bolts.
NOTES: If theoriginal motormountingbolts arenot used,make sure the
replacement boltsareGrade5 strength.
3. Replace the tie rods if so equipped.
4. Connect themotor bearing lubrication lines to the casing.
5. Guide themotor electrical leads through the conduit and connect the conduit to
themotor and the fan casing.
6. Replace the conduit box and reconnect all wiring.
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