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A. Description of Equipment

A-1 General

A-2 Adjustable Pitch – A/4

A-3 Adjustable Pitch – A/9

A-4 Accessories

B. Installation and Start-up

B-1 Receiving

B-2 Handling

B-3 Safety Precautions

B-4 Storage

B-5 Vibration Isolation

B-6 Free Inlet

B-7 Outlet Cone

B-8 Flexible Connection

B-9 Fan Mounting Hardware

B-10 Electrical

B-11 Start-up Check List

B-12 Mounting Accessories/Ductwork

C. Maintenance

C-1 General

C-2 Motor Lubrication

C-3 A/9 Bearing Lubrication

C-4 Grease Lead Location

D. Disassembly and Reassembly

D-1 Adjustable Pitch A/4

D-2 Adjustable Pitch A/9


VAV Vaneaxial Fan

Installation and

Instruction Manual