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Double Width
The Design 51 Double Width is a rugged fan built to Chicago's industrial level of quality and long-term dependability. Like every Chicago fan, the Design 51 Double Width is crafted by skilled members of the Sheet Metal Workers Union and displays the label "Proudly Made in the USA".
Product Bulletin: DFO
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Industrial Centrifugal Fans
Double Width Fan Applications
The Design 51 double width fan identifies Chicago's series of high efficiency airfoil bladed wheels, acknowledged as the most efficient fan type for clean air applications. The double width configuration described boasts an enviable reputation for fan performance and reliability in a multitude of HVAC applications plus many industrial supply or exhaust systems.
Fan Options
  • Punched flanged outlet
  • Outlet companion flange
  • Drain
  • Access door
  • Inlet volume control
  • Inlet screen
  • Extended grease fittings
  • Horizontal split housing
  • Continuously welded wheel
  • Optional bearings
  • Mount motor and drive - A/3H
  • Mounted belt guard - A/3H
  • High efficiency hollow bladed wheel
  • Smooth steep pressure curve ideal for VAV systems
  • Stable air flow over entire performance range
  • Spun steel wheel cone optimizes air flow
  • Substantially lower sound levels
  • Continuously welded heavy steel construction
  • Rigid bracing resists possible distortion from sudden airflow variations
  • AMCA certified performance
  • Sizes: 135 to 807
  • Volumes to 240,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 22” wg
  • Temperatures to 150°F
Alternate Fan Designs
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