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High Volume Fans
Chicago's D/10A High Volume Airfoil Fans are available standard in three fan construction classes to meet every application requirement. All classes feature heavy gauge housings and continuously welded scroll. Class II adds additional bracing in the larger sizes. Class III adds heavier shafts and bearings, and wheels reinforced with a stiffener ring to withstand higher pressure.
Product Bulletin: ACF
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Industrial Centrifugal Fans
High Volume Fan Applications
Chicago's High Volume Airfoil Fans are rugged multi-purpose centrifugal fans equipped with an airfoil wheel suited for supply and exhaust air and industrial applications. With energy efficient airfoil blades, the high volume fan provides reliable and quiet operation, even in mildly contaminated air. The fan is also a high temperature centrifugal fan and suited for high temperature airstreams.
Fan Options
  • Housing drain
  • Cleanout door
  • Spark resistant construction
  • Inlet screen
  • Shaft seal
  • Mounted belt guard
  • Punched flanged inlet
  • Punched flanged outlet
  • Inlet volume control
  • Shaft and bearing guard
  • Slip inlet
  • Extended grease tube fittings
  • Horizontal split housing
  • A/9 Mount motor and drive
  • Companion flanges
  • Arrangement 8
  • Wide fan selection
  • Exceptional airfoil performance
  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Hyperbolic wheel cone
  • AMCA certified performance
  • Sizes: 49-80-3/4
  • Volumes to 284,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 16” wg
  • Temperatures to 800°F
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