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Packaged Backward Inclined Fans (PBI)
Chicago’s Packaged Backward Inclined Fan is the right choice for your requirements, designed to increase the stable operating range by over 20%. This enables you to offer a wider performance range and thereby eliminate fan sizes. Chicago’s Design 64 PBI fan is offered in 12 sizes from 122 to 365 and in standard widths of 100%, 75% and 50%. With the availability of three motor RPMs, a PBI fan will meet all your necessary performance and physical specifications.
Product Bulletin: PBI
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Industrial Centrifugal Fans
Packaged Backward Inclined Fan Applications
Developed initially for the dust collector industry specifically, Chicago’s Packaged Backward Inclined (PBI) fan is a widely used dust collector fan, but also ideal for an expanding range of applications, such as laser cutters, air filtration, and pneumatic conveying, up to 150°F. Chicago’s PBI fan is also the perfect replacement for older, less reliable fans. The rugged Packaged Backward Inclined Fan provides the performance you need and the reliability you want, backed by Chicago’s 3-year warranty.
Fan Options
  • Square housing
  • Outlet damper
  • Alternate widths
  • Inlet/Outlet screens
  • Access door
  • Drain
  • Spark resistant construction
  • Rugged housing
  • Punched flanged outlet/inlet
  • C-Face motor mount
  • Withstands adverse environments
  • Sizes: 122 to 365
  • Volumes to 46,100 CFM
  • Pressures to 23” wg
  • Temperatures to 200°F
Alternate Fan Designs
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