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Radial Tip Custom Heavy Duty Fans
Chicago has been building Radial Tip fans for over fifty years. With a proven record of performance, quality manufacturing, multiple design selections and knowledgeable Sales Engineers located throughout the world, the Chicago RT is the radial tip fan of choice.
Product Bulletin: Radial Tip
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Heavy Duty Fans
Radial Tip Custom Fan Applications
Industrial Fans with radial tip wheels are designed for handling dusty, dirty airstreams while providing excellent operating efficiencies. To maintain optimum performance over a wide range of volume and pressure, different wheel designs are needed. To fulfill this need, Chicago’s Radial Tip fans are offered in a family of five wheel designs with overlapping performance envelopes.
Fan Options
  • Inlet box
  • Dampers
  • Arrangement 1
  • Arrangement 8
  • A/8 Mount motor
  • Arrangement 3SI
  • Arrangement 3D2
  • Arrangement 7SI
  • Arrangement 7D2
  • Arrangement 9H and 9H1
  • Five standard wheel designs with overlapping performance envelopes to match specific volume and pressure demands
  • Wide range of fan arrangements to suit installation requirements and motor size
  • Rugged, continuously welded heavy steel plate construction
  • Tested to meet AMCA Standards
  • Over 30 Fan Sizes
  • Volumes to 340,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 85” wg
  • Temperatures to 800°F
Alternate Fan Designs
For Higher Pressure
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