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Double Width Airfoil Fan Kits
Chicago Blower's Airfoil Fan Kits provide the user with the flexibility to custom build a fan from individual components to meet their specific air performance and configuration requirements. With its airfoil wheel, the Fan Kit is efficient, economical and versatile. Among the components offered are airfoil wheels, inlet cones with or without integral vanes, housings and shaft coolers, as well as shafts and bearings.
Product Bulletin: DAFK
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Fan Kit Components
Double Width Airfoil Fan Applications
Any supply air or clean exhaust application is ideal for Chicago's Airfoil Fan Kit. The Fan Kits fill most general industrial and commercial air moving needs, including installations handling lint dust, fumes or moisture. Applications include ovens, dryers and kilns as well as penthouses, plenums and panel walls.
Fan Options
  • 100% Width housings
  • 72% Width housings
  • RA Housings
  • 100% Width inlet cones
  • 72% Width inlet cones
  • Inlet volumes controls
  • Shaft cooler assembly
  • Aerodynamic airfoil wheels feature hollow blades with weep holes to prevent moisture retention
  • Full width housings or 72% width to fit narrower plenums
  • Standard and RA design for lower pressures
  • Matching inlet cones for either width
  • Inlet Volume Controls are ideal for variable volume systems
  • Shaft cooler assembly consists of steel cone and aluminum shaft cooler
  • Shafts and bearings also available
  • Sizes: 100 to 490
  • Volumes to 158,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 20” wg
  • Temperatures to 800°F
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