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Industrial Dampers
Chicago Blower manufactures stack and fan dampers for most applications. Included are pre-engineered Inlet Volume Controls (IVC), Custom Outlet Dampers, Butterfly Dampers and Inlet Box Louvre Dampers, both the Pre-Spin and Opposed Blade types.
Inlet Volume Control (IVC)
Custom Outlet Dampers
Butterfly Dampers
Inlet Box Louver Dampers
Pre-Spin Dampers
  • Alter fan performance by moving down the system curve
  • Double surfaced blades welded to full length axles and operate parallel to each other to pre-spin the air
Opposed Blade Dampers
  • Blades provide a straight flow of air towards the fan
  • Typically used in Boiler applications
  • Located above a mixing box in front of the fan inlet
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