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Industrial Radial Tip (IRT) Fans
Chicago's Industrial Radial Tip (IRT) fan offers exceptional efficiency, performance, reliability and versatility with a choice of belt drive or direct drive arrangements. Nine standard models from size 3000 to 6000 provide pressures to 30" WG and capacities to 116,000 CFM at temperatures up to 800°F. Performance ratings are based on tests made in accordance with AMCA standard 210 and AMCA standard 300.
Product Bulletin: IRT
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Heavy Duty Fans
Industrial Radial Tip Fan Applications
Chicago's IRT fan was designed specifically for demanding heavy-duty applications, including hot gasses and fumes, induced draft, process exhaust and light concentrations of solids in a variety of industries. The IRT combines the advantages of the radial and backward inclined industrial fan blades and replaces the traditional light-duty exhauster with a more rugged, longer life span. It will handle moderate to high pressures and temperatures and has a static efficiency capability of 76%.
Fan Options
  • Shaft guard
  • Shaft cooler and Guard
  • Bolt-on inlet box
  • Flanged inlet
  • Access door
  • Bottom horizontal discharge
  • 501° to 800° Fahrenheit Construction
  • Pre-spin inlet box damper
  • Mounted belt guard
  • Self cleaning radial tipped fan wheel
  • Forward tipped radial blades handle moderate to high pressures
  • Unique square housing offers the versatility of three discharge positions
  • Rugged, continuously welded heavy steel plate construction with split housing standard
  • Oversize shaft and bearings
  • Belt or direct drive to suit system needs
  • Sizes: 3000 to 6000
  • Volumes to 160,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 33” wg
  • Temperatures to 800°F
Alternate Fan Designs
For Higher Pressure
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