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Fan Engineering Guide

The Chicago Blower Fan Engineering guide is a basic fan engineering tool which includes fan application data and metric conversions, and is also very useful in your fan specifying process. Any time you are unsure of a particular fan for a specific application, the Chicago air moving professionals will help you evaluate your needs and provide recommendations.

Fan Courses

Chicago Blower Fan Courses were developed to provide an introduction to industrial fan selection and engineering. These courses are geared to fan users and specifiers who would appreciate a simplified, helpful guide rather than reference material for graduate fan engineers.

Unless you are only interested in a specific aspect of fan engineering covered by one of the other courses, we suggest you start with "Course 100 - Fan Selection". It takes the mystery out of blade types, fan sizing and industry performance tables.

Available Fan Courses include
  • Fan Course 100 - Basic Fan Selection
  • Fan Course 200 - Fan Density Correction
  • Fan Course 300 - Fan Arrangements and Classes
  • Fan Course 400 - Advanced Fan Density Correction
  • Fan Course 500 - Fan Bearings
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